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Want to sell solar? Want to install solar? Want to do it all?

Denver • Colorado

We Provide Complete Solar Sales & Installation Training

United Solar Power, Inc is here to bring your company into the solar market.

We provide Complete Solar sales and installation training.

Interested in selling solar?

    We offer a complete solar training package that includes:
  • An in-depth sales manual
  • A complete advertising plan
  • Live sales training
  • Complete solar proposals
  • Solar sales consultation

Interested in just installing solar?

    We offer a complete solar installation training package that includes:
  • A step-by-step installation manual
  • Professional solar installation job training
  • Pre and Post job inspections
  • Complete staff training
  • Ongoing solar installation training

Want to have a complete solar company?

    We offer full solar training packages that include the complete solar process:
  • Complete sales training
  • Complete installation training
  • A 'Get Started in Solar' equipment package

We provide multiple entry points for an existing contractor to easily emerge into the solar market.

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