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Want to sell solar? Want to install solar? Want to do it all?

Denver • Colorado

United Solar Power Inc. provides all inclusive Solar Electric Systems offering your company solar emergence at any level

United Solar Power was founded and is owned by Jason Hilbert. Jason has been a successful business owner for over a decade, first owning and selling a moving company which he managed successfully, by exceeding customer’s expectations. He sold his moving company and in 2007 went to work with sustainable solar energy first-hand. Jason began in the solar energy field with a Colorado based start-up solar company. He helped them from ground up, launching sales systems and implementing strategies that led their company into $3 million in business their first year alone. Jason grew with the company until he realized he wanted to do some things differently with electric solar energy, at which time United Solar Power was born.

He now brings together a team of Solar Professionals to make you entry into the exciting and responsible power of the future.


United Solar Power Inc. 530 East 20th Avenue Suite 3306 Denver, Colorado 80205
OFFICE • 303-974-0790 • TOLL FREE • 866-6SOLAR5